20160916_155333 Should We Tax Churches? (9/27/2016) - Air Date: 9/16/2016 Taped On: 9/24/2016 Summary: We don’t know about you, but it seems there’s people trying to tax us for everything these days. From whether or not we have health care to the size of my carbon footprint. There’s a push going on now to even start taxing non-profits like churches and charities. […]
bblue-2016-09-09-109 Oppression in America (9/20/2016) - Air Date: 9/17/2016 Taped On: 9/9/2016 Summary: Colin Kaepernick will not salute the American Flag during the National Anthem because he says it is a symbol of an oppressive country stating he will not salute until there are changes made to stop the slaying of black people from persons of authority and freeing black people […]
BBlue 2016.08.26-100 Drones in the Skies (9/7/2016) - Air Date: 8/30/2016 Taped On: 8/26/2016 Summary: Drones are a fascinating facet of modern life, and in some areas such as the Military, they are here to stay. But are they going to be a staple of everyday life in the near future, or are they a pipe dream right up there with robots workers and […]
BBlue 2016.08.19-126 Social Media Plague? (9/7/2016) - Air Date: 8/23/2016 Taped On: 8/19/2016 Summary: The human race’s obsession with social networking sites has changed the way we make friends, do buisness, even get married. Though the pitfalls of all of this change can be brutal, Bryan and crew are here to help you navigate the vast sea of trolls, cyber bullies and a […]
BBlue08.12-100 Campaign Finance (9/6/2016) - Campaigns are a big money business? But where does all of the money go? Where does it come from? This week Bryan and Jamie examine these questions and debate about the effects on policy and politicians. We're joined by our "in-house political strategist" Tex Dozier and by Charles Lipson, Political science professor at The University of Chicago.
(top) Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at Hillary Town Hall in Brooklyn, NY, May 4, 2016; (bottom) Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech at a campaign town hall event in Wausau, Wisconsin April 2, 2016. Lesser of Two Evils (8/10/2016) - Where's the class in this election? Why are we put in the position of voting for "The Lesser of Two Evils"? What should American voters do when neither of the major party candidates seem like a good choice? Is a third-party vote a throw away? These questions are tumbling around on the heads of the American people.
Rio-Olympics Let the RIO Games Begin! (7/30/2016) - Download MP3 The Olympic Games in Rio were booked in 2009, before a deep recession, Zika and vast political corruption. In this weeks episode we will be discussing the safety concerns that are associated with the 2016 Summer Olympics with a few special guests. The main focus of this episode is the increasing security risk […]
Screenshot (1) Pokemon GOne Crazy (7/25/2016) - Why is Pokemon Go so addictive and is there a security risk involved by simply downloading the app onto your smartphone? Is there actually an addiction problem that is associated with this game or are people simply overreacting? Does Pokemon go put it’s users at risk to cyber attacks as well as actual physical attacks that can lead to fatal encounters?
episode 55 blm photo Police & Black Lives: Civil Unrest or Racial Profiling? (7/18/2016) - The country is divided right now. Plain & Simple. The people, especially minorities, don't trust law enforcement and law enforcement is fearful and judgementasl about the public. We bring in Dr. Wafeeq Sabir, retired police officer and scholar along with criminal defense attorney David Sloane to give us their insight. Paul and Bryan interview protestors at the No More Rally in Fort Worth and Former FW Police Chief and Founder of Jeffrey Halstead calls in with some profound words about the current state of policing.
13606724_1621864471458009_8299940531251887080_n Active Shooter (7/15/2016) - It's a sad thing that US Citizens have to prepare themselves for an active shooter situation, but here we are. Bryan and Jamie, joined by Wes Parks, bring in two guests who can offer some basic training tips to everyday citizens about what to do with your body and how to interact in the event of an active shooter. Former Deputy Director of the FBI and Founder and Trainer of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, Danny Coulson is in the house again along with Firearms and PersonalSafety Expert Robert Pincus.